We use the basic technical methods proven in time in integration with the newest technologies and contemporary equipment, and as a result of this we provide painless treatment, comfort, and convenience.

Dental prophylaxis

Our patients receive professional hygiene of the oral cavity with the use of ultrasound as well as Air-Flow micro-abrasion technique.

We will clean tartar which creates an unpleasant feeling in your mouth.

We conduct caries prophylaxis through:

  • Fissure capsulation with silants
  • Using patent medicines for deep fluorination

We treat non-caries damages of tooth enamel with liquid polymers.

In case of increased sensitivity of the teeth the treatment is conducted with patent medicines for deep fluorination.

Aesthetic dentistry

Tooth restoration - We restore fractured teeth through para-pulpous and inner-channel (of glass fiber and titan) pins.

Tooth whitening – We whiten teeth with using the professional extra oral light system Beyond.

We perform incrustation of ornamental tooth decorations (insertions).

We offer artistic tooth restoration through reconstruction (alteration of the orientation of the tooth crown in space).

We reconstruct tooth rows through increasing the tooth size for diastemas or tremas, and reduction of the tooth in case of densely situated teeth.

If necessary – we perform alteration of the anatomic form of the teeth.

We restore the cutting edges and tubercules.


We perform the treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis through the filling of the channels with gutta-precha and contemporary channel filling devices.


  • Scaling and polising,
  • Closed and open curettage,
  • Flap operation,
  • Teeth splinting.


  • Emergency and planned drawing out of teeth.
  • Periosteotomia.
  • Frenuloplasty.
  • Vetstibuloplasty.
  • Apical osteotomia.
  • Cistectomias.


  • We prepare immediate dentures.
  • We restore teeth and rows of teeth though the use of contemporary materials such as metal ceramics, titan ceramics, and gold ceramics.
  • We prepare partial and complete removable dentures.
  • We prepare model cast bugel dentures with joints and locks, as well as frez dentures.